You now have your hands on a total game changer for your eCommerce and Shopify business. It’s going to totally transform how you find the best products for your store.

It’s guaranteed to blow away both your mind AND your competition.

Here's the thing, though…

With so many people jumping in to get their piece of this 22 TRILLION dollar industry, how do you expect to stand out?

Sure, you now have the hottest tool for finding great selling products… you have already won half the battle!

But you still need to drive home the final charge and set up the perfect store in way that ensures your products get the attention they deserve and that they actually end up selling.

You store is going to keep growing bigger and bigger and if you don’t get it right from the beginning it can quickly turn into a massive headache - even if it makes a profit.

If you get your setup right, from the start… you will be one of the ones that rise to the top and you will be able able to scale your business up to the absolute pinnacle of ecom.

That’s where you want to be right… at the very top!

Now we have no doubt you could get there on your own. It just takes time, dedication and a lot of trial and error.

You could take the time we did learning, testing, fixing mistakes and spending even more money before we finally found the winning combination.

That took us seven long years, by the way.

Yep, it took us a long time to perfect our process and yes, it was totally worth it because reaching the top is an awesome feeling.

Ask yourself this, wouldn’t it make more sense to take the easy road and follow in the footsteps of people who have already done it.

Look... you don't get bonus points for creativity in marketing... you just get extra headaches and it takes longer before you make money!

The pioneers are usually the ones with the arrows in their back!

Fortunately for you... our team has taken everything we learned over the last seven years, stripped out the fluff, and condensed it into a killer bootcamp that takes you from the very beginning and all the way to the very top… step-by-step!

All you have to do is join in and follow the simple steps, and you’re going to have your own store loaded with the hottest products so fast that the competition won’t even know what hit them.

We cover literally everything you’ll need to create the perfect store.

We’ll show you exactly
  • Connect your Shopify & WooCommerce stores
  • Connect the traffic beast “Wish” store
  • Eliminate hours of setting up new products
  • Instantly deployed in 1-CLICK
  • We’re going to show you how turn every visitor into a returning customer by making your store run so smoothly it always deliver the absolute best customer experience

    We’ll give you the best product page template that practically forces customers to buy from you, and how dEscova simplifies the entire process for you.

    And as if that wasn’t already enough, we’re going to work with you directly every step of the way to get you up and running as fast as possible!

    We know you’re serious about your future because you already invested dEscova and now we WANT to help you win... because you deserve it!

    We thought about charging a hefty price for what you’re getting in the bootcamp because we put a HUGE amount of time and energy, not to mention buckets of money, into it - painstakingly figuring out everything we now know.

    And just like everything else you’ve already purchased from us, it would be worth it, too, because we KNOW what we do works and runs like clockwork.

    However, because you have already invested in dEscova, we’re SLASHING our prices on the bootcamp too.

    Instead of the thousands we should charge for all of this, you can join right here, right now for just a measly $199.

    That’s it.

    People will probably call us crazy for doing this... but at the end of the day all we care about is your success!

    Just think about all the time you’ll save as we take you, step by step, from starting up your own store into growing an ecom empire that just keeps hitting winners over and over again.

    Think about all the mistakes we can help you avoid and the money you’ll save along the way.

    I mean you could still go do it the hard way if you want to, but with so many other people securing their future in eCommerce, can you really afford to let this opportunity go and to let them leave you in the dust as they scramble for the top?

    You deserve your success and we’re going to help you get there… guaranteed!

    We have a lot of people asking for our help and at some point we’re going to have to either charge more or cut it off, so we can keep running our own businesses, too.

    So your best decision would be to join our exclusive bootcamp today for $199 before it’s too late.

    We understand if you’re still a bit nervous because this is probably pretty new to you.

    Or maybe you tried something like this before and it didn’t go so well.

    You can relax knowing our 30 day money back guarantee just like on everything else.

    Literally the only way you can lose is by not even trying.

    So it leaves only one more question:
    What are you waiting for?

    Join the bootcamp right now and we’ll see you on the inside!

    6-Figure eCommerce Starter BootCamp

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