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Warning: There Is A Huge Flaw In How You
Have Been Taught To Find Best Selling Products!

Too much competition is the bane of any ecommerce store. Sure, some healthy competition is good, it only
shows that your product is actually selling.

The problem is that when you search a site like Aliexpress for the most popular, best rated and best selling products…

Well... those products are obviously ranking because they are already selling. Often that means that you are late to the game and will be fighting an uphill battle to break into the market for a new product.

We’re here to let you in on a secret that will allow you to discover the products that will be trending in the future, allowing you to find the next best sellers… before anyone else!

From The Street Markets Of Shanghai
And Straight Into Your Bank Account…

Think about it… products rarely start out as “best sellers” from day 1. There are a lot of hidden gems sitting there with very few sales and reviews… and then BOOM! some of them take off like space rockets.

Most products actually rarely start out on the big sites. Take Aliexpress for example, most of the successful products on there first had to to prove their worth on smaller platforms and on the street markets of Shanghai and other Chinese cities.

What if you could discover these trending products before they get added to the big sites and before everyone else hears about them?

If You Would Like To Cash In On Future Trends Then You Need The Descova Trends Dashboard!

It’s the world’s first proven method and tool for discovering the next big trending products, even before they hit the main markets… so you can corner the market and cash in - before your competitors even knows about it!

We can’t go into too much detail about the inner workings of this. It’s something we have pioneered, it’s 100% in house, custom built and it’s some real ninja stuff!

We want to keep this exclusive to valued Descova members like you, and we want to protect the profit pulling potential of it, so that it will be a powerful cash generator for you - for years to come!

What we can do is show you exactly what you get instant access to today...

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Trends Dashboard

Our proprietary software is intuitive, user friendly and lightning fast.

It makes searching for the next trends a breeze.

You don’t need any skills, experience or knowledge to do this - everything is included in this package!


Personal Skype Consultations

Let us take you by the hand and show you exactly how to use our Trends Dashboard, step-by-step, exactly like we do.

We want to ensure that you can put this to good and we’re not happy until you achieve success with it!


Discover New Super Profitable Trends

Use the Trends Dashboard and our training to effortlessly uncover new trending products, in some case before they make it online.

You can even take these trending ideas and get new products manufactured exclusively for you via Alibaba - we’ll show you how!


Always Stay 10 Steps Of Your Competition

Be the first to the party and cash in on all the new trends and products before your competitors know what hit them!

By the time they wake up you will already be dominating the market!

-Barry Newton

"Descova app is a great way to discover new products, compare them and easily import them into your shopify or woocommerce online store - I recommend this tool"

-Sarah Palmer

Business owner

"Descova app has made my product research a lot easier by having to find winning products across multi-eCom platforms just at one click. And with "Discount Tracker" and "Track your Competitors" features, I have been able to beat competitors in my niche. This software is a great tool for eCommerce business, especially as it helps find products and conveniently import them to Shopify stores..."

-Scott Silver (www.groovybubble)

One highly satisfied customer

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Yup, we’re taking on all the risk again… so you don’t have to.

That actually means that you get a chance to get in and start using the Trends Dashboard and jump on Skype calls with us… before you decide whether it’s the right thing for you!

That’s how confident we are that you are going to love this and that it is going to make you truckloads of money!

That’s Amazing! But What’s It Going To Set Me Back

Much less than you’d think!

I know you’d think that direct access to coaching like this is super expensive and normally you’d be right. We value our personal time and we usually don’t sell it cheaply.

Also… ask yourself this. How much is a system that has been proven to unearth hidden gems and new trends worth?

Each new trend uncovered could easily be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars… so even we decided to charge $1,000 for access to this - it would still be the bargain of the century.

You see, we are 100% dedicated to seeing you succeed with Descova and that’s why we have decided to put a more symbolic price tag on the Trends Dashboard.

Think of it as your personal commitment to taking action… and more importantly as a way to invest into your future wealth and success!

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Starter Plan

Descova Trends Dashboard

Discover 10 New Trending
Products Every Month!

Platinum Plan

Trends Dashboard Platinum Plan

Unlimited Use - Discover Hundreds Of
New Trending Products At Any Time!
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