As I mentioned before, "The Descova Store Connector" is absolutely CRAMMED with value, and I really want you to have the opportunity to take advantage of it... that's why I'm going to offer it to you at a one-time discount.

You Can Connect Your Shopify Stores FOR A ONE-TIME DISCOUNTED PRICE OF JUST $59...And Get Access To The Descova Store Connector Limited Edition

Listen, even if you don’t have access to any Shopify Store as of now… get it. To try Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card is required. And with this offer you have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee in place anyway.

Create a Store and import products that you find using Descova Software. Within a couple of days, you’d be convinced that you found a gold-mine.

Worst case scenario… You’d cancel your free trial with Shopify and drop us a message at support to return your $59. That’s it. You’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about and nothing to lose.

Best case scenario… You’d spend $9/month for your Shopify Store Subscription and no recurring expenses for the Descova Store Connector Limited Edition.

You Still get Access To All The Features Of The Upgrade WITHOUT Upgrading

Painless Integration - Effortless Automation
The Descova Software removes any heavy lifting from your part. You can seamlessly integrate your Shopify store, Wish Store and WooCommerce Store without touching a line of code.

Just 1-Click and your store is fully integrated with your Descova account allowing you to import the products (you found with the Descova Software) directly to your stores (Shopify store, Wish Store or WooCommerce store) art selling right away... without wasting time hopping from one store to another!

Effortless Product Listing

List your products on your Shopify store without any hassles. Just 1-Click is all it takes to populate your Shopify store with:

  • Hot-Selling products from multiple ecommerce platforms, including Aliexpress and BestBuy
  • Super profitable products and niches you would never would never have thought of yourself
  • Our handpicked list of best sellers without wasting a single second on research
Efficient Selling For Massive Profits
There are millions of customers out there with credit card in hand waiting to buy that beautiful summer maxi dress on your store.

And yes… there are thousands of platforms to sell on too. But most of the action happens on either Shopify, Wish and WooCommerce. Descova Store Connector add-on gets you ALL the 3 platforms at once.

With just a click you import products to ALL these platforms.
So, it doesn’t matter on which of your store the customer
buys from… the money is going straight to your bank.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Just connect your Shopify Store to the Descova Software and watch the profits swell. You have full 30 days to earn profits with Decova Store Connector.

If you are still not impressed by the results you get, let us know and get your money back. No deductions, no penalties. Full-Refund.
Remember: This Is Your FINAL CHANCE To Get This Offer
As mentioned earlier, this is strictly a one-time offer for you. If you decide to leave you cannot get access to this offer at this low one-time DISCOUNTED price ever again.

After the launch ends, you will be able to get access to The Store Connector feature for a monthly recurring fee of $497.

But only today – for the first 50 Members ONLY – we are giving one chance each to get access to the Store Connector for a super-low one-time HEAVILY DISCOUNTED fee.

And even this low one-time fee is protected with our 30-day money back guarantee.There’s nothing that should hold you back now.
Descova Store Connector
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