• Connect your Shopify & WooCommerce stores
  • Connect the traffic beast “Wish” store
  • Eliminate hours of setting up new products
  • Instantly deployed in 1-CLICK
  • You Already Own an eCommerce Store

    Shopify, WooCommerce & Wish

    If you’ve been around the block more than a minute,chances are you already own a store probably on Shopify or WooCommerce.

    And that’s great.

    With Descova app which you already own, you’ll be able to find hot winning products in a flash including incredible “handpicked best sellers” that even the gurus are mauling over. But what’s next? Go back to manual bs...

    Listen, life is beautiful with automation

    Automation means: better business results faster

    And you need automation in your eCommerce business… heck, I didn’t even need to tell you… it’s the sole reason we go crazyinstalling 100 apps and plugins in our stores and websites.

    It’s probably the only reason you got Descova app today, probably if I put you in a room and give you 3 weeks, you will do a ton of research manually and come up with winning products yourself

    And you need automation in your eCommerce business… heck, I didn’t even need to tell you… it’s the sole reason we go crazyinstalling 100 apps and plugins in our stores and websites.

    Now, imagine this...

    After being such a smart lad and automating your product discovery, you drop the ball at the most crucial time “selling the products”.

    Imagine if you have to manually add every products you find with descova… that will be like crushing a drag race and then towards to the finish line, jumping down from your mercedes and onto a donkey.

    Even you can agree with me that it’s the weirdest thing ever and defeats all the purposes of starting out the race in a the beautiful, sporty mercedes cabriolet.

    You Started Strong…

    You Deserve to: FINISH STRONGER!
    And that is why today, I’m super excited to introduce you to the 1 last automation tool you’ll
    need inside the descova platform to guarantee
    the best results faster and eliminate hours
    of manually adding products to your store.

    The Descova Store Connector Add-on!

      And right now, we’re even prouder to scream on top of our lungs that this is the only store connector in our marketplace that syncs and automatically adds your products to Wish store so you can start selling

      From the way, I’ve been talking Wish, you can tell I’m so excited about the integration.

      Here’s one secret many people don’t know…

      Shopify is Great
      WooCommerce is Awesome

      But Wish, Wish… that’s BADASS

      It’s like Etsy but better… MUCH BETTER!

      It didn’t earn its reputation as a TRAFFIC BEAST for nothing.

      Wish is like the eCommerce newbies heaven, even if you’ve never made any money online before and don’t know how to drive buyer traffic to your stores, once you start using Wish, all that will be the best.
      And it has literally no competition

      New eCom vendors on Wish are getting stellar results like this...

    And Descova store connector add-on is the first in our marketplace that lets to profit from this massive untapped market. This power alone is worth over $1,000.

    And It Only Takes 3 Easy Steps

    Connect Your Stores

    Pick A Product

    Automatically Deploy to Your
    Store in 1 Click

    And that’s it… it’s as simple as...
    Connect – Sell – Profit
    Painless Integration - Effortless Automation
    The Descova Software removes any heavy lifting from your part. You can seamlessly integrate your Shopify store, Wish Store and WooCommerce Store without touching a line of code.

    Just 1-Click and your store is fully integrated with your Descova account allowing you to import the products (you found with the Descova Software) directly to your stores (Shopify store, Wish Store or WooCommerce store) art selling right away... without wasting time hopping from one store to another!
    Efficient Selling For Massive Profits
    There are millions of customers out there with credit card in hand waiting to buy that beautiful summer maxi dress on your store.

    And yes… there are thousands of platforms to sell on too. But most of the action happens on either Shopify, Wish and WooCommerce. Descova Store Connector add-on gets you ALL the 3 platforms at once.

    With just a click you import products to ALL these platforms.
    So, it doesn’t matter on which of your store the customer
    buys from… the money is going straight to your bank.
    What If I Don’t Have Any Shopify Store, Wish
    Store or WooCommerce Store?
    • Shopify reported 1,000,000 active users on Shopify
    • Shopify is estimated to generate over $1.5 billion in 2019
    • Wish has over 500 Million active buyers
    • The number of merchants on Wish just crossed the 1 Million mark (massive demand between sellers “1 mil” & buyers “500 mil”)
    • $1.9 Billionwas the reported Wish revenue for 2018
    • WooCommerce now powers over “30% of all online stores“

    Are you late to the party? I wouldn’t say so… I think there’s no better time to get in on the action than now.

    And with Descova Store Connector we are going to help you get ahead of the competition in no time so just set up your store on these platforms and let us do the rest.

    And Remember, you have only 1 SHOT at this…

    This Offer Expires If You Leave This Page Without Getting Access
    As mentioned above, this is strictly a one-time offer for you. If you decide to leave you cannot get access to this offer at this low one-time price again. We are in the process of integrating this upgrade into the Descova Dashboard. After the launch ends, users will be able to get access to The Store Connector feature for a monthly recurring fee of $497.

    But only today – for the go-getters and early-adopters – we are giving one chance each to get access to the Store Connector for a low one-time fee.

    And even this low one-time fee is protected with our 30-day money back guarantee. It doesn’t get any bigger than this. It doesn’t get any safer than this. And it certainly doesn’t get any better than this.
    Descova Store Connector
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